Bali’s best curry

Bali is filled with an endless variety of restaurants from all over the World, but there is but one restaurant where you will enjoy the best Thai curries – MAYs Seminyak Bali. The curry trio at MAYS is an all-time best seller and our guests keep asking for it…

MAYs curries are all freshly prepared according to Ms. May’s secret recipes. Cooking curry pastes takes patience and skills while assembling and slowly wok frying a variety of spices and herbs into a beautifully smooth curry paste.

May has refined her curry paste recipes over the first few years while she started MAYs Urban Thai Dine and played with different varieties of curries, influenced by her frequent travels to foreign countries.

This makes MAYs’ curries particularly special, as they cannot be found anywhere else.

There is a curry flavor for everyone on our menu from a traditional spicy green curry, to a fusion and slightly fruity MAYs curry with lychees and pineapple, all the way to a fulfilling Mussaman curry for the ones who prefer a stronger southern taste in flavors.